Sep 22, 2021 | PRESS RELEASE

The company will bring its extensive lineup of high-quality ag inputs to the area

MIDDLESEX, N.C. (September 22, 2021) – AgriSelect—a leading supplier for value-conscious consumers in the agricultural and specialty pesticide markets—has recently announced a new location opening in Eastern Iowa. 

“We saw a location fit where we could bring our value-driven services and products to farmers in the area,” said Tommy Johns, a sales representative at the new branch. “We wanted to bring our expertise and customer service model to the area along with our chemical portfolio to offer an alternative to farmers.” 

The new location set to open on Nov. 1 will serve farmers in the area with a wide range of seed offerings and an extensive lineup of high-quality ag inputs for crop protection, such as Tigris, FMC, Corteva, BASF, Nufarm, Drexel and more, while also providing top-tier customer service. 

“Farming is one of the toughest occupations out there, and that’s why we work for the farmer,” said Vice President Robert Glover. “We care that our farmers and their crops do well so they can not only provide for their families but families around America and the globe. The last thing they should worry about is what control product is being used.”

Employees at the new location will focus on providing customers with high-quality chemicals that help achieve a healthy crop yield while building valuable, long-lasting relationships in the community based on family values, faith, trust and integrity.

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About AgriSelect

AgriSelect is a leading supplier for value-conscious consumers in the agricultural and specialty pesticide markets offering an extensive lineup of ag inputs for crop protection from Tigris, Bayer, BASF, Nufarm and many other top manufacturers. From same-day shipping to ag and crop input requirements, the AgriSelect team delivers quality products, information and knowledge to its customers. AgriSelect is a part of the Excelsior Equity family of brands.

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