Getting the most out of your crop yield in the agricultural industry is essential for optimal profitability. That’s where a good input partner comes in — someone who can provide needed chemicals or other inputs for farmers to get the absolute most out of their investment. 

But a great partnership goes further than just supplying a need. 

A strong relationship with your input partner will help you gain knowledge and access to a large portfolio of products, while also providing the support system of a close partnership. It’s about more than just customer service. Great input partners care that farmers and their crops do well so they can not only provide for their own families, but families around the globe. 

One less worry

The last thing a farmer needs to worry about is what control products to purchase. They need to focus on their crops. One of the greatest advantages of establishing a reliable input partnership is finding the peace of mind to do just that. It’s what Stephen Covey described as ”keeping the main thing, the main thing.”

At AgriSelect, our primary objective is to provide customers with reliable, high-quality chemicals that achieve a healthy crop yield. It’s more than customer service to us. We find joy in building valuable, long-lasting relationships in the community through family values like faith, trust, and integrity. 

In fact, more than 90% of our sales team are from the areas they serve. Whether farming the land in that region with their own families or working on a farm growing up, our teams know what to expect each year and can be trusted for their expertise.

Planning for next season

Winter is a good time for reflection, maintenance, and planning for the year ahead. As 2021 comes to a close, many are contemplating which crops to plant for 2022, and which inputs will be required to help maximize profits. With continued talks of inflation, shortages, and supply chain issues, it can be an overwhelming process to navigate alone.

A partnership with us takes many of these uncertainties out of the equation altogether. Each season, we meet with our customers to discuss how the previous year went. We look at which products were purchased and the crops they will be applied to.

This conversation also gives us an opportunity to lay out current pricing for the items used over the past year. By comparing costs, the farmer can determine what crops they will plant based on profitability. It’s an efficient and collaborative approach from start to finish.

A name you can trust

Most farmers already know which herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other specialty products they need. Our job is to guide and assist our customers through the planning process. We make sure you have access to the best quality products and guidance throughout the application process to ensure the best possible outcomes for your crops each season.

Our customers trust that we are there to help them. We’re not out to over-sell, and we always aim to guide each customer towards products with appropriate costs and usage rates. It’s all about honesty and efficiency. Those we partner with understand that we truly care about their success, because for us, the more we invest in relationships, the more our customers get out of their crops. And that’s the main thing.

For more information about partnering with AgriSelect, contact your local territory manager at www.agriselectllc.com/contact/